100% money back guaranteed. If it doesn't save you enough time or help you avoid enough mistakes to more than pay for itself, just let me know.

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Book (Kindle, iBooks, and PDF), Audiobook (m4b), Playbook, and Discounts ($900+ in savings on products and services). The Projections Worksheet, web version of the book, and 24 founder interviews are included and free for everyone.

Just the Audiobook

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Do you offer refunds?
Absolutely. I only ask that if you request a refund, you share specifics about how it didn’t meet your expectations so I can make any necessary changes or improvements to clarify and avoid confusion for future visitors.
Is it a technical book?
While the book covers some technical topics at a high level, it is written for a non-technical audience. It's operational rather than technical, and it's informative rather than instructive. It's about sharing insights about building a team, supporting and marketing a product, considerations for payments and billing, customer support, and much more. Then it's up to you how to apply those insights to your business.
What topics does it cover?
The short version is that it covers all of the topics of building, launching, running, supporting, and even selling a SaaS business. For more detail you can browse the table of contents and skim some chapters before buying the whole book.
Do you offer team licenses or bulk pricing?
Absolutely. There’s a version for teams of 2 or 3 for $149 and a version for teams of 4 or 5 for $349 . If you have a larger team than that and would like a bulk discount, just email me, and I’ll set one up for you.
My situation/geography/conversion rate makes the price unaffordable. Do you offer any discounts?
While there’s not a discount per se, you can pay with a Postcard. (Huge thanks to Avdi Grimm for the idea.) Simply email me and let me know that you’d prefer to pay with a Postcard, and we’ll get it sorted out.
How different is the second edition from the first edition?
They share some content, but this second edition about 150% longer and covers topics and lessons that I learned during the due diligence process of selling Sifter as well as insights about the process of selling a SaaS business. It's also available in more formats, and the additional resources are all new and significantly upgraded as well.
I bought the first edition. Do I get a discount on the second edition?
Absolutely. You should have received the details via email, but if you haven’t, email me and let me know the email address you originally used to purchase, and I’ll send you the details for the discount.