Podcast and Interviews A podcast about the trials and tribulations of running a software business.

It's not easy to build a software business. It takes years, and plenty will go wrong along the way. Hackers. Fraud. Downtime. Taxes. Hiring. It can be rough out there.

Are you curious about the challenges faced by founders? What did they do when the going got rough? How did they stick it out? What would they do differently? Listen and find out.

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Scott Nixon Co-founder of Meal Mentor

Episode № 19

The Archives

  1. Matt Goldman CEO of Churn Buster

  2. Rachel Andrew Cofounder of Perch

  3. Tracy Osborn Founder of Wedding Lovely

  4. Josh Williams Cofounder of Gowalla

  5. Thomas Smale Founder of FE International

  6. Nathan Barry Founder of ConvertKit

  7. Courtland Allen Founder of Indie Hackers

  8. Ruben Gamez Founder of Bidsketch

  9. Allan Branch Cofounder of Less Accounting

  10. Drew Wilson Founder of Plasso

  11. Josh Pigford Founder of Baremetrics

  12. Natalie Nagele CEO of Wildbit

  13. JD Graffam Serial Acquirer of SaaS Apps

  14. Tyler Rooney Cofounder and CPO of Format

  15. Peldi Founder & CEO of Balsamiq

  16. Pat Allan Founder of Flying Sphinx

  17. Anthony Eden Founder of dnsimple

  18. Mike Perham Creator of Sidekiq and Inspeqtor

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